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Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves

  • 1 Onera invents instant photography of electromagnetic waves

    ONERA has developed the EMIR technology, which makes it possible to obtain instant images revealing the intensity of electromagnetic waves... The EMIR images make it possible to know the amount of electromagnetic energy carried by waves and their direction of emission
  • 2 Plasma lens

    This is an original quasi-optical device, designed to divert a beam which is electromagnetic and not light, for example X- band radio waves... Experimental assembly for the study of the deviation of an electromagnetic wave by a plasma lens... This is an original quasi-optical device, designed to divert a beam which is electromagnetic and not light, for example X- band radio waves
  • 3 A Leap Forward in Radar Signature Computational Time

    Radars detect and even identify aircraft at a long distance, because the latter reflect some of the electromagnetic waves received... Maxwell's equations, which describe the behavior of electromagnetic waves and in particular their reflection, show that a plane behaves like a set of antennas of the size of the radar beam wavelength
  • 4 Maxwell would have loved it

    The experiment corresponding to the preceding image in which we placed films (one conducting, the other one magnetic) the heating of which is recorded by an infra-red camera, for a TEM[ Transverse electromagnetic] wave. The Emir principle (Electromagnetic and Infra-red) is simple: an electromagnetic wave interacts with the conducting objects and heats them: this is the Joule effect
  • 5 Reversed Time

    In an environment overloaded with electromagnetic waves, checking the electromagnetic compatibility of systems is a major issue... So the maximum power of the electromagnetic wave is a hundred to a thousand times higher... Here it has been adapted for electromagnetic waves
  • 6 DOTA - Optics and Associated Techniques

    The mission of the Optics and Associated Techniques Department (DOTA) is to conduct studies and research linked to the use of the optical domain (electromagnetic waves between the medium ultraviolet (200 nm) and the THz range (1 THz~ 300 m)). These studies are conducted primarily for the benefit of the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence, but also for other fields such as security, the environment, astronomy and medical imaging
  • 7 A radar to evaluate biomass

    The measurement technique used is based on the interaction of the electromagnetic wave emitted by the on-board antenna with the ligneous mass of the forest (wood). This technique depolarizes the electromagnetic wave and this effect is all the greater the denser the forest
  • 8 Hyperspectral imaging

    An interferometer is a measuring instrument that exploits the interference phenomena due to electromagnetic waves, to light in particular. Among its many applications, it can be used to accurately measure and separate the wavelengths of the light it receives
  • 9 The second youth of optics

    Surface plasmons (in pink and blue) are electromagnetic waves created on the surface of a metal. These plasmons can make the transmission of photons easier due to resonance phenomena (in pink)
  • 10 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    Lidar works on the same principle as radar, but instead of using large-wavelength electromagnetic waves (radar waves), it uses light. A laser emits an intense luminous wave