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  • 1 Bruno Sainjon - the new Chairman of ONERA

    Bruno Sainjon joins the DGA as director of the nuclear and missile programs department, part of the weapon system directorate... o 1996: joins the French government as head of economic affairs and coordination in the interministerial delegation for the 1998 Soccer World... In 1994 he was named head of the missiles-space-nuclear programs office, reporting to the weapon programs delegate
  • 2 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    Today's major programs are successful because they are based on scientific and technological innovations that were matured and proven in previous years. At the heart of this future-facing structure is ONERA, which was originally tasked by the French government with a unifying role, acting as an interface between the worlds of academia and industry
  • 3 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    ONERA has also been associated with the Hermes program, aimed at providing Europe with manned space transport capacity, related to other" infrastructure in orbit" programs- Ariane 5, Columbus... However, government support for the Hermes project was interrupted in 1992 and the program came to a sudden halt
  • 4 Communiqués de presse

    Tuesday 10 December -The AI4GEO project to develop an automatic solution for producing 3D geospatial information, in which euros 30 million is to be invested over four years, is receiving euros 13 5 million in funding from the government's PIA future investment programme led by the Secretariat General for