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Multi-disciplinary organization

Multi-disciplinary organization

  • 1 Long-term planning - Air transport 2050

    organization in France, formed a multidisciplinary task force to study. technological and organizational decisions needed to ensure a viable air
  • 2 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    In order to meet this new weapon system optimization need, multidisciplinary teams and system studies became a priority... The deregulation introduced in the United States and the opening of the airspace imposed by the European Union and the World Trade Organization generate increased competition
  • 3 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    These are collectives successes, bringing together both public and private organizations... One of the most striking examples is our elsA computation code, a complete aerodynamics software package that simulates complex internal and external airflows for multidisciplinary applications... Secondly, for certain contracts, whether government or industry, ONERA is in competition with organizations that have subsidies covering a much larger part, or even all of their operations, which considerably reduces ONERA's chances of winning the contract