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Partnership with Onera

Partnership with Onera

  • 1 Groupe Thales

    Here he talks about the benefits a partnership with Onera brings to an industrial company... What is Onera's position generally speaking in its partnerships with Thales?... To summarize, what do you gain from the partnership with Onera?... On this point, our partnership with Onera has proved its worth
  • 2 ZéBuLoN, Numerical Microscope for Composites

    The images show the micro-structures of these materials calculated by a finite element method using the ZéBuLoN structures calculation code, developed by the Ecole des Mines in Paris in partnership with Onera. The mechanical simulations in these volumes at microscopic scale are used in the framework of multi-scale methods, developed at Onera by Jean-Louis Chaboche's team, and increasingly used in industry for designing the parts that are the most thermally and mechanically stressed
  • 3 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    In order to assess existing techniques for simulation of landing gear noise, Airbus launched the Lagoon program in 2006, in partnership with Onera, the DLR and the University of Southampton, with the objective of comparing these methods using a landing gear geometry that was highly-simplified, but representative of the mechanisms present on real landing gear
  • 4 Onera spin-off into the world optronics market

    What is the advantage of your partnership with Onera? DR
  • 5 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    Thanks to the measurements of wake vortices, the partnership with Onera demonstrated the existence of a major common interest. AS
  • 6 ParisTech 2013 Award for an Onera Thesis on Infrared Optronics

    An industrially mature demonstrator will also be completed by early 2014, in close collaboration with the company Sofradir, which signed a Research & Innovation Partnership contract with Onera. Florence de la Barrière, surrounded by (left to right) Guillaume Druart (Onera supervisor), Nicolas Guérineau (Thesis Director, Onera) and Jean Taboury (Thesis Director, IOGS