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Scientific Director of Onera

Scientific Director of Onera

  • 1 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director

    In October 2010, he was appointed Scientific Director of ONERA (DSG)
  • 2 Academy of Sciences

    Emmanuel Rosencher, Onera General Scientific Director and professor at the École Polytechnique, received the France Telecom 2010 Grand Prix from the Academy of Sciences on 25th January 2011. He has been recognized for all of his work on quantum opto-electronic components, leading to new infrared detector and wavelength tunable laser (optical parametric oscillators) systems
  • 3 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher: one year already

    Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director, passed away on the 15th of June 2013. Despite having joined Onera only a few weeks ago, I feel how intact the memory of the man who placed his scientific excellence and incredible enthusiasm at the service of our organization remains a year later