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Simulation tools

Simulation tools

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  • 1 New tools for numerical simulations

    Acoustic propagation calculations, by solving Euler* equations, have been successfully chained with an LES* simulation of a hot jet at Mach 0 7
  • 2 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    Onera's teams had begun studies which would contribute to define and design the plane even before" the A3XX" project was launched in August 1994. For the last 10 years, some 340 Onera staff members have been involved in the development of the A380. Onera has also provided its outstanding testing facilities and its most sophisticated modeling and simulation tools, which contributed greatly to the success of the A380 program
  • 3 Onera, World Champion in Fracture Prediction

    The results of this contest, published in the journal Journal of Composite Materials in March 2013, greatly contribute to the reputation of the winning laboratory, as shown by the previous edition (WWFE I). This public evaluation is very much appreciated by manufacturers, who take it into account when choosing their simulation tools
  • 4 Acoustic Propagation around a High-Lift Wing Profile

    That's why ONERA has decided to develop a set of numerical simulation tools in order to be able to predict (the aeroacoustic) noise generated by any wing profile, and even a full plane. The above figure shows the result of a simulation using a new propagation tool, which allows the high-order coupling of curvilinear and cartesien grids