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Space and defense research

Space and defense research

  • 1 Thierry Michal Acting Chairman of Onera

    Having joined Onera in 1984 as a research engineer, he conducted his research in the field of space and held several positions before being appointed Director of the Long-term Design and Systems Integration department in 2000. Following the decease of President Denis Maugars on the 8th of August, Thierry Michal, General Technical Director, has been appointed acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of Onera by order of the Minister of Defense
  • 2 Academic Award for CEDRE, a Great Software Application for Combustion and Propulsion

    The French Air and Space Academy has given an award for Cedre, ONERA's reference simulation software for energy and propulsion, used both in research and in the aerospace industry... Cedre has allowed significant progress in the field of research and has provided a highly effective computer assisted design tool for aerospace and defense industrialists
  • 3 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    ONERA positioning said, a bridge between research and industry. In 1983, the public sector democratization law caused ONERA's statutes to be updated in order to render them compliant (Decree of 1984). They now stress the importance of the mission of transferring research results to the aerospace industry
  • 4 ONERA welcomes you to its stand at the Paris Air Show!

    Driven by the message" Inventing together the future of aerospace", technological breakthroughs, projects and skills will be exhibited along ONERA's three new program lines: defense, aeronautics and space. The 2017 edition of the International Aeronautics and Space Exhibition starts today... In order to meet the challenges associated with the considerable increase in air traffic expected in the coming years, or the increasing use of composite materials, ONERA will assist the DGAC through research agreements, deepening knowledge of these various phenomena and modeling them
  • 5 ONERA at the Paris Air Show: together with its partners

    Jointly with the Chiefs of Staff, industry and research, the DGA ensures consistency between defense tools and long term strategic ambitions... The research on this new compound opens up a promising alternative to the propellant currently used, hydrazine, which is at risk of soon being banned from space due to its toxicity
  • 6 Sofradir and Onera Sign New Partnership Agreement

    The partners ' combined strengths in aerospace and defense research and industrial knowhow will facilitate the paradigm shift necessary for innovation uptake in thermal imaging... In addition, the project aims to accelerate the transfer of Onera's research to Sofradir, thereby increasing the global market competitiveness of Sofradir and its customers
  • 7 Laser - Onera supports "Year of the Laser" in France"

    Charles Townes, Theodore Mainman and other pioneers in the United States began developing" the LASER" (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) in about 1960, with initial applications targeting the defense and space sectors... Jean Pierre Taran, a research engineer at the time and now High Scientific Advisor to Onera, worked with Townes in the United States for two years
  • 8 ONERA lifts the veil on 70 years of its history: 1996 to the present day - A period of major changes

    The period was also marked in France by reform to the defense armory and a steep drop in the budget assigned to defense research. During the 1990s, the defense sector learned lessons from conflicts (Gulf War, ex- Yugoslavia) that had thrust into prominence weaponry of precision and stealth... Likewise, in the second half of the 1990s, the GRAVES (Grand Réseau Appliqué à la Veille Spatiale) radar- based space surveillance system- unique in Europe- was developed
  • 9 Bruno Sainjon - the new Chairman of ONERA

    Bruno Sainjon started his career in 1987 at French defense procurement agency DGA (Direction Générale de l' Armement), in the missiles directorate, later renamed the missiles and space directorate. He is named head of the research establishment following the death of Denis Maugars on August 9 2013, although in the meantime the acting Chairman and CEO was Thierry Michal, general technical director of ONERA
  • 10 Together with the SHOM, ONERA invents gravity mapping with atomic accuracy

    GIRAFE (and later GIRAFE2) -Shipborne cold atom research interferometric gravimeter- is a project that has been supported by the DGA (the French defense procurement agency) for nine years... Prospects are numerous, especially in the areas of defense, aeronautics and space. This ONERA initiative is very much within ONERA's area of expertise in navigation and inertial sensors (including space accelerometry)