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Test rig

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  • 1 S4B : TPS calibration

    TPS test- 9 inches test rig... Test rigs checking using reference nozzles... The uncertainties in the 4" test rig with the Ø 100 mm reference nozzle are (from test campaigns between 1987 and 2009
  • 2 A New Tool for the Design of Combustion Chambers

    A reduced-scale combustion chamber model is used for the precise reproduction on a test rig of the ignition performances of a complete configuration. A partial model of the Ardiden 1 combustion chamber has been evaluated in altitude conditions on the Mercato test rig (Onera Fauga Mauzac) ... Sector of combustion chamber simulated by the reduced-scale model of the Mercato test rig and viewing of the fuel fog before ignition