Xavier Olive

Research Scientist

Department for Information Processing and Systems
ONERA – Centre de Toulouse
2 avenue Édouard Belin
31055 Toulouse – France

Mail: first_name.last_name@onera.fr


Research interests

Dr Xavier Olive is a Research Scientist at ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab. His main interests include Data Science, Machine Learning and Decision Science applied to aviation, with a particular focus on optimisation, anomaly and pattern detection. Applications range from air traffic management, operations, predictive maintenance, safety analyses and risk assessment.

He is also passionate about aircraft, data visualisation, geographic information systems and programming languages.

Recent news

Teaching activities

  • Optimisation for Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science, Machine Learning
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Advanced Python for Scientists

List of publications

My up-to-date full list of publications is maintained on https://www.xoolive.org/publications/

See also on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, HAL, Scopus and SciProfiles.