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Marc Boyer

Marc Boyer -- Research Scientist


2, avenue E. Belin

31055 Toulouse Cedex

Tel: (+33) 5-62-25-26-36

Secretariat: (+33) 5-62-25-25-92


Research area: formal methods for communicating embedded systems

I am working on architectures and formal methods for communicating embedded systems: from theoretical studies on models (Petri nets, network calculus) to practical aspects (architecture, prototype)

I am member of the program committee of ERTS² and I was on the WCTT workshop.

I also sometime contributes to Wikipedia when I am too upset by what is written.


I teach mainly protocol engineering (specification, V cycle, SDL) in the Telecommunications and Networks department at ENSEEIHT.

I also teach embedded networks at EUROSAE: MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/DITS, CAN, ARINC 825, TTP, ARINC 664/AFDX, TTEthernet, SpaceWire, FlexRay...

Open position

A full time permanent research position in the field of Design and Implementation of Safety Critical Real-Time Embedded Systems. You can download the full position description.Morover, it should be noticed that

  • Both junior and senior may apply.
  • The applicant may also contact Frederic Boniol or myself for details.